10 Best selfie apps for Android phones in 2017

Selfies are the huge trend right now. Every social media platforms are flooded with selfies. So if you are looking for the perfect way to capture your moments within a selfie frame, then you should be ready to do a little research. It is not always necessary to have a high-end camera to capture the perfect shots, an Android phone can do a pretty good job. All you have to do is select the right selfie app. Android phones offer a lot of versatility in this regard and are also very cost effective. However, if your budget allows space for something more, then you can invest in lightings. This can do a great job in giving you great quality frames. Given below are some of 10 selected apps that can be used with android apps in 2017.

  1. You-cam perfect

you cam perfect selfie android app

This selfie is being used by millions of people around the globe. It is very user-friendly and is loaded with hundreds of features for instantly beautifying your selfies. You can add shimmer, glow, effects, and even alter your facial angles and complexion.

  1. Candy Camera

candy camera selfie app for android

Candy Camera is another excellent selfie app for Android phones. The greatest benefit of using this app is that it can be used under anywhere, under any lighting conditions. The app has some great real-time filters. You can even add frames, stickers, texts and create collages. Yu can use this app for instantly beautifying your photos and adding touch-ups.

  1. Retrica

retrica selfie apps for android phones

This app has been a favorite among users basically because it can be used for editing photos and videos. It also allows you to immediately share photos to any photo sharing platforms.

  1. B612

B612 best selfie app for android phones

This app comes with automatic filters that will edit your photos as soon as you capture them. It has 25 filters which can be pre-set into the camera. You can also add your favorite filters to a personal list for easier usability.

  1. Line Camera

Line camera selfie app for android phones

Line camera allows you to add amazing touch ups to your photos. It also has an exotic range of stickers. It has the most powerful editing tools amongst the selfie apps.

  1. PIP Camera

PIP Camera selfie app for android phones

The interesting thing about PIP camera is that it has very weird and fun to use features like magazine frames. This app is actively used in more than 40 countries around the world.

  1. Sweet Selfie Halloween

Sweet Selfie Halloween app for android phones

This is a recently released selfie APK for Android phones. The app allows you to give touch ups in just a matter of seconds and also comes with an interesting collection of Halloween stickers.

  1. Beauty Camera

beauty camera selfie app for android phone

This is one of the most updated and popularly used selfie apps. It allows you to erase blemishes and complexion, brighten the eyes, whiten teeth, change facial angles and add special effects. It also has a wide range of interesting filters.

  1. Insta selfie cam pic collage

Insta selfie cam pic collage app for android phones

This is basically a collage maker that also does a great job of changing your color tones and editing frames. This app allows you to create interesting and creative collages.

  1. RetroSelfie – Selfie Editor

RetroSelfie - Selfie Editor app for android phones

RetroSelfie – Selfie Editor is very easy to use. It has a number of special effects, stickers, and filters. This is the best app for giving a vintage effect to your selfies.

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