7 Best snapchat apps that you can find for android platform

With the world coming close day by day with the use of social media, snapchat has really set its foot on a different height. With several numbers of users registering every day, this has become one of the successful social platforms in the internet world. Due to the exceptional features and well, easy to use interfaces, users all over the world have been very much happy to use this app. But there is a small problem with snapchat, whenever you take a snap of your friend it will automatically trigger a notification to your friend too. But that might be unwanted to some of you and this is why it is important to have snapchat apps for android which will help you save snapchats and will not notify to the user at the other end.

MirrorGo Android Recorder

This app is designed especially for the android devices. With this app you can also connect with a much larger device using the wireless. You can use this to save any game or you can try the video tutorial mode as well. You can even take screen shots as well. So while using the snapchat you can save stories, videos and take screenshots as well without even letting your partner know about it. This is why this app is accounted as one of the safest way to save snapchats.

Mirrorgo android app for snapchat


  • You can use the trial version for free
  • Can be used on any device provided it runs on android.
  • You can record videos and take screen shots
  • Very Easy to handle and secure to use
  • You can use the snapchat and still keep this thing on.


This is amongst the best snapchat apps for android which can be used to save the snapchats. This one is an old app and hasn’t been updated really, but still it can help you take the snaps without getting caught. Available for the android and iOs devices and can be really easy to install and use too. But the only problem is you will need to download this app from a 3rd party website. Previously the app was available for free, but now you might have to pay a minor amount of money to use this app.

Snapsave android app for snapchat


  • Works on both android and ios platform.


  • Got some bugs to fix
  • Have to pay for the app


This is an app that can be truly designated as the best snapchat apps for android. His one looks like the snapchat and this comes with the screen recorder for the snapchat as well. You can enjoy features like filters, stickers, you can forward snaps and do a lot more than what you can think of. Just remember one thing, this is not an authorized way of doing snapchat saves, so, while using this make sure you are careful.

casper snapchat app for android


  • Available for free use
  • New features like snap forwarding, stickers and filters added.
  • Can be used on android phone
  • Really easy to use.
  • Easy to use interface


This one is amongst the older snapchat apps for android. This one can be used for both android and iOs too. The interface being old is simple enough and can be used very much easily. To use it, logout of your account and using this is very much easy. This app is available for free and can be downloaded from 3rd party sources as well.

Snapbox snapchat app for android


  • Free to use
  • Easy to save stories and take snaps
  • You do not need root to use this app.


  • You will need to logout of your account before using this, otherwise, your account might get


This modern snapchat app is really effective in screen recording. You can use it on android and iOs both and you can save stories and snaps just with a simple tap. You can even use your saved images and videos later and forward them as well. Just remember one thing, do not use it while snapchat is logged in, otherwise your account will be banned.

Snapcrack android app for snapchat


  • Fee to use
  • You can use doodles and stickers
  • You can use this on your android and iOs device as well.


  • Make sure you logout of the snapchat account before using it.

Saver for Snapchat

If you are looking for the best snapchat apps for android, then this app will certainly come in the list of yours. This one is favorite to many and can be really good in saving videos, images and more without a lot of trouble. Just login with your snapchat details and enjoy taking snaps and recording videos in snapchat.

Saver for Snapchat app


  • You can use it on windows device along with android
  • Downloadable for free


  • Needs you to login on the device, so you might lose your account
  • Not that secure to use


This is another well known snapchat apps for android. With an easy interface, this app is really ruling the world. When it comes to saving your snapschats, there might not be a better app than this one. Can be worked on android and iOs devices and you can use it very easily. Taking snaps, recording videos and saving stories becomes really easy with this app. You can use these features just with the click of one button and you can use the saved media for further use as well. You can even send them to your friends via another app.

Snapkeep app for android


  • Free to download and use
  • New features added
  • Can be used on android and iOs devices

So, in case you are looking for snapchat apps for android which can save snaps from your app, then these are the apps that you need to try. Of course they all work and can be convenient to use, but it will depend on your use and the features are somewhat different.  So, choose wisely and everything shall be smooth. Just remember one thing, taking snaps of snapchats are illegal without the 2nd person’s consent, try and avoid doing it!

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