7 reasons to use an android phone instead for an iphone

To those who use a smartphone, a debate over choosing Android phone instead of iphone is inevitable. Being a smartphone user, you just cannot stay away from this debate and every single person supporting android or iphone has their own logic to justify their choice. But if you go through market and survey a bit, there are few reasons why android phones can be termed as better than the iphones

1. A lot of choices

7 reasons to use an android phone instead for an iphone

If you look in the market for android phones, you get to choose from a huge collection of mobiles. If you do not have any brand fascination, you can choose any smartphone at varying cost and also they come with different features. In compare, there is only one phone that can come under iOS, the iphones!

2. Customization

In case of android phones you can ask for customizations and your mobile device will support any third party customization, whereas if you want to customize your iPhone or iOs product, you will need to buy apple products only.

3. Hardware

In their latest model, samsung has really offered the best hardware. With high quality processor, graphics, display and RAM, this android device is the ultimate smartphone that you need. Since their last modifications, there hasn’t been any huge improvement in the apple devices till now.

4. App store

Google play store is far better than the app store. If you want to submit your app on google play store, it is really easy, but in the case of the app store, it is not that easy as your app will go through all sorts of check before that one is allowed on the app store. This is the reason why the apps on the app store are more sophisticated but there are a lot more free apps on google play store than the apple app store.

5. Memory

In case of the android devices, along with the fixed device memory you can use external memories to increase the storage limit, but in case of the iphones, the storage is limited and is fixed. You can increase it at will and this is the most important advantage of android over the iphones.

6. User friendly

How to remove iphone battery

Issues like battery problems and all, you can just open the back cover of the android device and you can change it, since the iphones do not have removable batteries, you cannot do any kind of trickery on your phone at all. Every time you have any issues regarding your phone, you will need to visit an expert of apple iphones and fix it even if it is a small battery issue.

7. Chargers

In case of the android phones, you can surely use any universal charger and your phone will accept it, but not in the case of iphones. You will need to buy all new charger in case your mobile charger is not working. So, this is a real headache for you and also you can not use any USB charger with the iphone cables, you will need to buy that too.

So, you can see that in general there are plenty of reasons why you may not buy an iPhone and buy an android device instead. So, it is up tp you now to think which you would prefer and buy that one.

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