All added features of new android 8.0 oreo update

Android has been a sensation in the world of Mobile OS. Unlike a few mobile companies that have their own OS to run mobiles, maximum of the mobile companies use android. Since the day of release, android has moved a long way and has improved a lot in every aspect of an OS. With the continuous user reviews and regular data mining, Android has now become one of the leaders in mobile OS field. Recently google the developers of Android has released the latest version of their OS, The OREO. Named after a favorite cookie, this update has amazed thousands of users throughout the whole world. There are features that were not there in the previous versions and they are surely going to change the way your smartphone performs right now.

Two times faster

Because of the apps getting heavier and slow to load, there has been lot of complains in the past that, android is very slow to react. But not anymore! With this all new update, you can start your tasks a lot quicker, 2 times quicker actually.

Background apps

Background apps are a problem when it comes to the smartphones. And OREO manages it smoothly. With this update you can be assured that the apps running in the background will affect your tasks less than required.


A new update that can be really useful when you are in a hurry. You can login to your app, quickly with the autofill data if you allow it to do so.

Multiple app

Now you can work on 2 apps together. And that should be a real fun if you love to work on multiple app at a time.

Notification Dots

With the all new notification system now you can get to know what is new in the app and you can just tap them to open as well. Once you are done with them, just swipe them away.

Android Instant

With this new feature you will be able to access any app from the browser; you won’t have to install it on your mobile. So, saves a lot of time and date and space as well.

Play-store Protect

This is a new feature added to this new android version. With this Google play-store scans al the apps that might be misbehaving. Even if you are not installed them they are being scanned, so when you use them you will get a warning or something.

Battery life extended

In the past it has been often seen that people are playing their favorite game or talking to someone else and the power goes down. But with this all new technology, you can talk with your beloved one any time you want and play all you want and still you will have enough power to go with.


With the different set of emoji plugins available in the chat apps and the messengers people have forgot to use the default emoji set. This is why Android has come with new set of emojis and more than 60 all new emoji options. With these emojis you will be able to express yourself in a better way.

Accessibility button

This button gives you access to the accessibility features only from your navigation bar. You will be able to select functionalities like magnification, speaker ability etc.

Accessibility volume

You can now optimize the sound experience if there is a problem with hearing.

Adaptive icons

This is a specific icon made for the developer only. If you are a developer you can now use this icon to create your own.

Ambient screen

This changes the notification. Makes the font larger for the app names and provides you with easy to access options.

Background app

You can now choose which app you want to run on the background. This helps in improving the performance and save your ram as well.

Deep color

With a new set of color rich environment, this android is a surprise really. The OREO versions gives you chance to enjoy more color management and have the experience of high quality image.


You can download any font any time now and you don’t need to use the custom fonts any more.

Installation from 3rd party

With the all new installer, you can now install apps from 3rdaprty with more ease and with your permission only. No one can install any app without your permission any more.

Linkable files

There is a API that will allow you to share your important files using web inks throughout the internet and you can do it anytime you want.

High-performance audio

The audio performance has been improved with the new API used.

Notification categories

You can now choose the notifications which should arrive and which one should not.

Notification snoozing

This is much like the inbox snoozing. You can hide the notifications for a certain amount of time.

Pointer capture

This feature allows you to capture every single mouse input.

Project Treble

Amongst all the changes, this is probably the biggest of them all. This is a change in the architecture basically. This change will enable you to update the Android update faster and easier.

Text-View auto-sizing

This is again for the developers. This feature enables the developers to expand the size according to the text-view. This actually helps in optimizing the text size.


Tooltip text improved for a better view of the menu and their tool-tip text.

Wi-Fi Assistant

This is an additional feature that allows you to actually scan and connect to the wifi connection available in the vicinity automatically. But that connection must be secure and the google server takes care of your device using a VPN. So, technically you are connecting to a public connection but you are using a VPN.

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So, as you can understand, there are plenty of things for everyone. If you are a normal user you have plenty to enjoy and a better performance and if you are a developer too, then you can enjoy the changes done by Google. It’s basically a win-win situation for all and you can surely go with this update. So, update your device today and see the difference.

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