Android device finder for Lost and Misplaced Phones

Losing your Android phone or tablet can result in the normal feeling of panic and anxiety. This is expected as our phones contain so much that we hold private. Unlimited information and personal data can find its way into your phone in an age where we use our phones for all official, financial and personal purposes. Due to these reasons, our phone contains data like banking information, user IDs and passwords, images and contact information for friends, family and the people we work with. None of this information should find its way into the hands of a complete stranger, and while prevention is better than cure, in the circumstance in which you happen to lose your phone, you have to be ready with the knowledge to act as soon as you can.

Prompt Action Can Save the Day

Being quick and your feet in the event that you lose your phone, improves your chances of getting it back, locating it to its exact location or even remotely deleting sensitive information from your phone. In the case of both Android device finder apps and the official Google android device finder, certain conditions that need quick action can very well be the key to you getting back your phone. They are as listed below…

  • Your phone needs to be switched on for you to use any method to recover your phone. This means that you should act as quickly as you can before your battery runs out of power or the person who has stolen your phone switches the device off.
  • Your phone needs to be connected to the internet for a quick recovery. Once again quick action on your part can go a long way.
  • Your phone needs to be logged in with a Google username and password that you currently use or can remember.

Using Android Finder Apps

It’s best to you install a phone finder app on your device as soon as you acquire it or right now while it is still in your possession. These apps expertly use GPS satellites to pinpoint the location of your phone in case of loss or theft. Your Android store is sure to give you multiple paid and free options to choose from when you make a search for phone finder apps. These apps have a limited capacity to simply trace the location of your phone.

Official Google Android device finder

If you are one of many people that didn’t think to install a phone tracking app, then there is still hope for you with the official Google Android finder. This is a benefit that all Android phone users can take advantage of. Simply Google “find my device” and you will you find the official android finder by Google on the top of the search list. Log in with the user id and password that corresponds with the account that has been enabled on your phone and use the “locate my device” option to pinpoint the exact location of your phone on an accurate map. You can also go here to delete sensitive information on your phone before it can be misused.

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