Android Game Development for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorial

The Google Play Store is loaded with a large range of games, including simple to complex games like Flappy Bird to Dead Trigger 2.

You can play the Grand Theft complete installation, and you can find out the key elements that made these Google play games very successful.

You should know some of the major facts before developing an Android game for the first time.

The step by step tutorial on Android Game Development for Beginners can help you develop the game effortlessly.

Game development on the Android platform is rewarding and challenging and it has its own hard-learned lessons and drawbacks.

No matter how difficult it can get, you can still develop Android Game if you follow this step by step tutorial.

The path to app or game development will not be easy and often provoke, but you are sure to enjoy because the process is completely satisfying and rewarding for every step you progress in developing the game.


Java applications for Mobile is definitely not a new theory, in fact, it is the main focus of Sun.

The mobile Java Games were there since the initial JVM started on a mobile device.

But, when it comes to Android game, it is a bit different from others, and this is because it uses the Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM).

It is an open-source execution of JM. You can find various differences between the standard JVM and Dalvik, and some changes are not so subtle and some are absolutely subtle.

The DVM is also associated to either Java ME or Java SE and to the implementation known as an AHJ (Apache Harmony Java).

Basic Game Architecture:

The basic game architecture needs three basic classes to execute a basic game.

The logic of the game can be changed or extended and you can easily replace the resources using the similar outline.

The file contains the DrawablePanel code that expands SurfaceView and offers full-screen image.

It also contains an Animation Thread, and it grasps a position to the DrawablePanel and updates it for game logic and compels amend of the panel.

Tools for developing the game:

Before developing the game, you should pick some vital tools.

The basic tool for any Android App or Game development is AS (Android Studio).

The main programming language of the Android Studio is Java.

For the beginners, the advice is just to know for now, that Java is both a platform and programming language, which allows you to communicate with the computer.

Java is designed to work in cars, phones, computers, and any other digital or computerized device.

The developers assured that you can write one program, which can run on any device on the Java platform.

However, the promise falls short as he Java did not multiply the world’s digital devices as expected by the people.

But, in recent years, the Android has become popular and this open source platform starts to do all that, which Java could not do.

The Android device began their way into desktops, tablets, cars, phone, fridges, and more.

Do not stop:

Yes, initially for beginners, it will be challenging, but never give up, after putting so much time and effort, if you suddenly stop then you can never develop an app or game.

You just need to learn how to face the obstacles and how to come out it.

Even experts now are beginners once, even they have faced a lot of frustration, but they never gave up that is why now they are known as skilled developers.

Unless you have unavoidable commitments, which demands your time and you have to stop the project do it, otherwise keep going and face all the challenges to be successful.

Make something original:

Download Java and Eclipse:

Before we can do any sort of Java programming, we must first prepare our development machine!

Before using Java programming, you must first get ready with your development device.

Now, install JDK (Java Development Kit) that allows you to generate Java programs.

Follow these simple steps:

For Mac User:  The best thing for Mac users is most likely in their devices the Java might be pre-installed. if so, skip this part.

Download the JDK link on Google or you can as well check this link to download on your computer

androidmood download button

Once you have found the link, then look for Java SE 7u-current version, and click on the Download button.

Below the Java SE, find your version and operating system to download the matching JDK.

You should know that Windowx86 attributes to 32-bits, whereas Windowsx64 attributes to 64-bit.

You can as well check these details just by right clicking on “My Computer”, properties, and under this, you can find your type besides System type.

Once the download is finished, get the instruction to install the JDK.

Now, you should download the IDE, Eclipse. You can find more information on Eclipse on the internet, but once you start programming, you will simply understand the best capabilities of the programming language.

Eclipse will assemble your code, allows you to export the code, and helps you correct your code, manage it, and do more tasks.

It is very helpful and very powerful.

You can download the related version of Eclipse. Standard Eclipse will do the task.

Once you start the Eclipse, it will inquire you where to place your “Workspace”.

The workspace is the place where you store all your code, resources, assets, etc.

You must select a place that is easy to access.

Once you have selected the location, you will get a Welcome Screen.

Now, you will see the welcome screen every time you open Eclipse.

At the workbench, you will find different panels, but you don’t worry about that.

You will know about this panels and their use later on, but for now, you just need to concentrate on basic things.

Eclipse has a range of viewpoints suitable for various tasks.

You just check if the currently selected aspect is Java.

In case, it is not Java, then go to Window and go to Open Perspective, and from there go to other and choose Java.

At the bottom of the panel, if you notice a Console Tab, then move forward.

If you did see the tab, then go to Windows under that select Show View, and go to Console.

Here it will show the Console Tab; this will display your program text and error messages.

Now, you are all set to start the programming.

Notice the Package Explorer; it is located left-side of the screen.

This is a place where Eclipse will manage all your projects.  Now, if you are ready to begin the coding, then follow these steps:

  • Press File and go to New and select Java Project
  • Enter the name of the project of your choice.

The Java Project provides a folder where it will keep all your files, including code and other related assets, which your program needs.

Now, press finish button and your project will be in your package explorer.

If you double-click on your package, it will expand.

JRE System Library:

If you Java Version in not Java SE 1.7 then you don’t worry at all, you will not have any compatibility issues at all.

The huge Java library contains pre-written Java code (built-in Code) so that you can introduce into your own projects.

You don’t need to waste time writing code to do often perform operations.

In the beginning of your programming career, sometimes, you will get to hear the terms like “low level” and “high level” programming, well high-level refers to the code type that the developer relates with on a daily basis.

It is the easy and very innate form of the language.

On the other hand, low-level are the code lines that directly interpret into computer action.

You will mostly deal with high-level programming. However, some of the low-level programmings are also needed in the JRE.

Simpler is better:

When you look at the current games that are available in the market, you will notice that the most successful games are those that have the most basic concepts.

However, though these simple basic games can be more fun and also very addictive and kids can easily connect with this kind of simple concepts.

These simple concepts also offer an unlimited replay value.

Some of the favorite Android games are very simple but they offer an amazing replay value.

The games that are more complicated take a lot of time for the players just to find out how to play the game.

However, these kind of complicated games are absolutely suitable for PC and Consoles, but, in general, most people do not want long games, they prefer a short game which can finish in a few minutes, and they prefer to play on their Smartphone.

Though, there are some exceptions like Dead Trigger and GTA games that are quite successful as these games offer exciting gaming experience.

But, this is for the Android game development for a beginner, so let it be simple and easy, once you master your basics, then you can go for a little more complex development of games.

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