Best Android Drawing and Painting Apps for Fun

As the technology is getting more and more advanced every day, a lot of new avenues have opened up for the artists. There are a number of android apps targeted at creating different types or arts while on the move.

The fact that there a number of apps compatible with android devices cuts down the need to access your workplace when a creative idea hits you. So basically, you will be carrying an entire studio with you wherever you go. Given that there are so many tablets and smartphones available at a very reasonable cost, this method is also very cost effective. You can create drawings, sketches, and doodles right from your device. There are mainly five selected apps that work great with Android phones. These apps are listed below along with their special and unique features.

Screenshot Utility

Screenshot Utility app allows you to edit the screenshots or images captured using the phone camera. You can edit the background, draw over, add colors and tints. You can also crop the images to draw attention to the main focus of the art. This app is exceptionally great for creating doodles and adding a creative touch to your pre-captured images.


Colorfy is a fun way to give a boost to your creativity and unwind. It is basically a doodle application and comes with a number of beautiful and intricate patterns and images.

The app also has a very wide color palette that also allows you to mix and create your own colors. You can choose any of the patterns that range from flowers to animals to mandalas and start coloring. New images are added every week.

The app also does not require an active internet connection to be functional. When you are done with your work, you can directly share these to your social media accounts.

colorfy android app

The app is very popular at the moment and is greatly trending amongst kids as well as adults. The controls are very simple, with easy zoom in, zoom out and smooth color selection. Having this app installed on your phone is like carrying an entire coloring book inside your device.

Paint for Whatsapp and messenger

This app is for sharing creative images over Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. You can choose any image or a blank image as the background as your background. Then you can start creating doodles using differently sized brushes and a wide color palette. This app also allows you to send handwritten messages and quickly draw over the images before sharing them.


This app is very similar to the above app mentioned in point 3. It allows you to create doodles on a blank canvas using differently sized brushes thus producing different effects. You can quickly write down messages and send them to your friends. This can be a lot of fun as compared to the conventional typing.

Crayola DigiTools Paint

The Crayola Digitools Paint has all the features that an artist would want. It comes with virtual airbrushes and stencils, paint roller, and stamps. You can also choose from a number of interesting in-app backgrounds to create interesting doodles within a very short time. All of these features have made Crayola a top favorite for making doodles and creative art.

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