Best android gaming phones 2017

May be there was time when smartphones were developed for a different reason, but with the time and user demands the manufacturers have looked into the gaming aspect of an Android smartphone. Over the years the quality of the mobile phones has increased considerably and with that the capability to play high end games have also increased quite a lot.

If you are into mobile gaming a lot, then you must know the need of a high end Android phone that can run any game any time without any hitch. These are the best of the mobiles made truly for the gaming purpose:

Samsung galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung has been surprising the market for a long time now and with a high end graphics, and quality sound this is one of the best mobiles to play games on. With the Snapdragon processor, Adreno GPU and RAM of 4 GB, this is the ultimate choice for the gamers who love to rule the gaming world on their mobile phones.

Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P gaming phone

Perfect gaming mobile for anyone who loves to play games on mobile. This smartphone can really give any smartphone a competition. With the Adreno GPU, snapdragon processor and good RAM this smartphone can run any game you wish.

Also the display of this mobile is so good that whatever you game run they look just awesome. The screen size is better than the galaxy S7 and the high definition also gives the great feeling.

HTC 10 

HTC 10 Super android gaming phone

When it comes to the mobile gaming, the sound quality might be a bit tricky. Normally you do not play mobile games with the sound on, but if someone likes the sound of the game as much as the game play, then this mobile is the one that you need to buy. According to the sound quality, HTC 10 is just the right choice for you.


ONEPLUS X super gaming phone

This is a mobile that is available at a low price and comparatively the performance of the mobile is pretty good. The processor and the RAM are just fine. Although, you might find the screen size is a bit smaller than the other smartphones, but with the price range pretty low, the quality and the performance of the phone is really good.

Lenovo K5

Lenovo K5 gaming phone

This is another smartphone with the capability to run almost any game you want. With the high end processor, GPU and RAM, this mobile is seriously up for the challenge. The sound quality and the graphics display quality are also good and you might not find a match to it on any other handset. The only problem with this smartohone is the price range which is quite higher.


There are several smartphones available in the market and if you research well, you will certainly get a smartphone in your price range as well. The only thing you need to decide is the kind of game you want to play. If you want to play the latest games, then it is a must that you buy a high end smartphone otherwise there are loads of choice to go through and none of them will disappoint you at all.

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