Best android offline games 2017

Over the years, big franchises have released lot of games and similarly, in the year 2017, there have been quite a lot of games released which are available on android platform. The best part of these games is that, you can play them offline and any time you want.


Badland android offline game

Badland is an action type game. Gameplay and the atmosphere are perfect for an action packed game. The actions take place in a forest. The forest is so well designed that it seems likely to be right out of a fairy tale.  You are amongst the forest dwellers and you will need to go through obstacles and traps and progress in the game. You can also try the multiplayer mode as well. Because of the thrilling gameplay, this game has already been on the popular list of the players and the number of downloads are growing every day.


 Duet Android offline game

Duet is a different kind of game. There are 2 dots and you need to control them simultaneously so that it does not go against any obstacle. You need to save them and for that you need to be calm and composed throughout the game. You can enjoy different levels and repeat each level to master them and earn achievements as you win through the levels.

Smash Hit

smash hit android offline game

Smash Hit is an arcade type game. You get a number of balls. You need to go through obstacles and as you break through them, the ball counts will increase but if you miss your hits, the ball count will lower down and once the count is 0, the game will end. There are different types of obstacles that will be coming on your path and the difficulty of the game will be ever increasing if you keep going through different levels. It’s a first person game and you need to have good concentration power to keep throwing and breaking the obstacles. The game seems to be pretty much easier and but once start playing the game, it does not really seem like that easy at all. You can also enjoy the different modes of play but for that you will have to buy the full version of the game.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure android offline game

Alto’s Adventure is a runner type game. The only difference is that you are riding on a snowboard and going forward in the game. The boy here is named as Alto and you job is to catch the llamas that escaped down the hill.

The design of the game is incredibly stylish and beautiful too. The visual design is really good and you can enjoy the game as and when you wish to.

Earn to Die 2

Earn-to-Die-2android offline game

Earn to Die 2 is one of the most popular games available on the android platform. The idea of the game is rather unusual. You need to build a car to go through zombies and the game play is really cool. The graphics is good enough to keep you engaged and as you evolve your car in the game, the enjoyment increases with the levels. There are 3 difficulty level that you can enjoy and although it might seem like any other racing game, but it is not. You need to race against time and the zombies to get to the goal.


There are more than enough offline games for android available on play store and you do not have enough time to play all the day. The best solution is to choose amongst these best games and start playing today in your own time.

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