Best CCTV Apps for Android : Security Comes First

These days security comes first. The rate of burglaries has rapidly increased today. When a person looks security options, the immediate click would be installing cctv cameras.

The commitment cctv cameras bring with them is the constant check. The cameras need to be checked on every now and then, so that the security is still intact. The introduction of smartphones and android operating system enables a person to keep a check on the go.

The second major concern that comes to mind is the maintenance cost of the cameras. The maintenance these days won’t amount to much of expense. The option of maintenance of the cctv cameras via smartphone with android operating system makes it convenient for the consumers. It is one of the best and a hassle free option for the consumers world wide.

The smartphones today can be turned into a security check devices these days. The online market is flooded with best cctv applications. Listed below are some of the best cctv application available for android users. The amazing thing about these is that these applications are compatible on any android devices, be it phones or tablets or laptops. The consumers just need to make sure that the device is built with android operating system of version 2.2 and above. The best cctv applications for android are as followed:


So this is considered as one of the top cctv application for android. Ivideon enables the user to stream the live happenings and cameras on the go. In order to solve the surveillance purpose their cameras are provided by the application company only. They are considered as one of the best companies in the market.

Further, it enables the users to send back the audio data and that too online. For instance, burglars break into your house and thrash you camera tapes. The online system stores the data on cloud storage and lets you view it even then.  The cloud storage gives you an option of backup so the data does not get lost.


Reolink application is considered as one of the most efficient cctv application for android. This application provides you with the camera that does not need any configuration. The camera is used with such ease that it just needs to be plugged in and viewed on the go.

Reolink CCTV apps for android

It lets the users view the videos online. It is one of the most downloaded application available on the google play store. The application can be accessed anywhere, be it remote access or local access. It even lets the user view the data online in night time setting. The amazing viewing capacity during the night time makes it super efficient for the users.

Further, the users are provided with the interface which is easy to use. Plus it alerts the users at the time of motion. It has got motion sensors that triggers the users of uncertain movements.  The 4 megapixel camera quality works wonders in terms of viewing capabilities. The application lets the users access it without any configuration. It calls for zero configuration and easy play and plug in option.


Alfred is one of the most convenient and simples cctv application available for android application. It eliminates the hassles of login and signups for the users. The simple user interface and the coloured schemes, do not fail to tempt the users. For instance, those users who have old smartphones, they can use the application to the very best. The simple methodology of the application is that it converts the smartphone into cctv cameras. It is an amazing option and pretty convenient.


Banging the application market with its efficiency and control is the isecurity cctv application now available for android devices as well. The users have the option of viewing the video live and that too on multiple cameras. The live streaming can be made possible by using the internet. The videos let you snapshot a picture as well. Turning the home into a surveillance camera, it works on multiple servers. The application lets the users to control the live streaming physically as well.

Video Monitor

Last but not the least comes the video monitor application. The efficiency of this application is such that it allows the user to track the GPS location. It is in built with a motion sensor and triggers it whenever there is an unidentified motion.  The abrupt motion is then notified to the user via email. The users get tempted because of the super good looking features of this application. It comes with a friendly user interface and is convenient in usage.

Vhdr Lite For Android

So here comes in the cctv application for android that does not acquire much of the phone storage. It lets the user zoom or tilt the live streaming. The access of the application is possible remotely as well. The access is to be done through internet either over a 3g connection or wifi. Further, it enables the live streaming of the videos and stores all the dvr connections in the address book. This application is available in 3.2 version. It works on android operation system of 1.2 and above.

androidmood download button

X Protect Mobile Application

The X Protect mobile application available for android devices comes in various languages. The application lets you stream the data by being present anywhere in the world. The connection to this application is pretty convenient and simple. It comes with the perks of instantaneous connection. The videos can be viewed live and carries a video push feature. This feature come with a payment system. The easy access system works by unlocking the doors and system. It is further available on any 2.2 android operating system and above.


Above the list carries some of the very best cctv applications for android. The users have the convenience of surveillance on the go. The smartphones have conquered the life of the users. The simple techniques and advancements make it an amazing streak to keep the security of the house or anywhere else intact.

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