Best Root Apps for Android for Easy Root : Unlock the Benefits

All of us carry smartphones with us these days. We have this constant urge to download new games and new application. But unfortunately, some of our favorite games and application cannot be enjoyed, because they have in-app purchase system. Users are not willing to invest in such applications and games.

The developments have led to the system of rooting your android devices. Android devices can be customized according to the needs of the user.

These are considered to be the most versatile operating systems. Once the device is rooted, various features and benefits can be unlocked by the users. It enables you to explore the hidden horizons of the android.

Rooting your device unlocks those games and applications which are not available for free. It lets you install third-party applications and some other hidden features. Further, it saves the battery of your devices.

Rooting the devices helps you shut down those apps that keep on running in the background. This in turn saves the battery of your Smartphone.

Aren’t we all pestered by the numerous ads that follow our way while we are using an application or playing our favorite game?

Rooting the device helps you out by blocking such ads. Backing up the smartphone is one of the most important aspects. Supposedly you are transitioning from one smartphone to another.

The application data can not be transferred. In case the device is rooted, the data can be successfully backed up without any loss.

Here in this article, we have listed some of the best rooting apps present for android devices. Some applications are not available on the google play store but can be downloaded from their official website via a link.

The best rooting apps are as followed:

Adblock Plus

Everybody hates those annoying ads popping up in between the usage of our favorite game or app.

Adblock plus helps you out by blocking those annoying ads. Rooting your device with Adblock plus is considered as one of the most important things.

The easy configuration helps the users to block those pestering ads. Its an open source application, which is not available on the google play store.


Once in a blue moon, it happens that you accidentally delete a file, that is needed now. The file is permanently deleted and now it cannot be recovered.

Here comes Dumpster to the rescue. Basically, the dumpster is one of the root apps for android that enable the user to recover the deleted files.

It not only recovers music, videos and pictures but pdf and pretty much every other file. The recovery can be done by rooting your android devices.

The app is really easy to use and the device once rooted increases the performance capabilities of the application. The application is available free of cost on the official website and can be downloaded as the apk file.  Such apps are not available on google play store.


Flashify is the one application that is available free of cost for the rooted devices queue up the files that need to be recovered.

The application has got a modern interface and can be conveniently used by the users.

The one application that is a must have for the amateurs. It lets you queue up the files such bots, images, kernels etc that need to be recovered. Then it flashes those queued apps on the device screen.

Thus, notifying about the recovery that needs to be done.


Greenify is one app that has risen to achieve great heights in a short span of time.

It notifies the user about the application that is running, that have been run and those apps that are still running in the background.

Further, it lets the user-hibernate those apps and saves the battery from getting drained.

The greenify app as the name suggests do ask for donations which is completely optional for the users. It is even available free of cost for the users.

Quick Reboot

This one is a highly recommended app for the rooted devices. This often happens that the power button is not considered that strong when it comes to android devices.

The quick reboot app allows the user to quick reboot their device via the advanced settings.

It is considered a must have for all the fans out there. The interface is amazingly convenient and pretty well used by the user.

The modern advancements make it one of the must haves for all the rooted android devices.


Next in queue is tasker, one of the amazing root app for the android.

Tasker is one app that does everything possible. Those users who have got an absurd imagination and are great thinkers and learners, they should have tasker in their device.

Although tasker works on those devices that aren’t rooted. But if the app is installed on the rooted devices its performance streak increases amazingly well.

This application pretty much does everything and is an application that should be present there on your device.

Titanium Backup

This app is probably one of the top-rated root apps for android.

This pretty much bangs the top list of the must have root app on android devices. As the name suggest it enables the user to backup their data that is pretty important to them.

Further, it freezes those applications that are running in the background are needed by ROM supporters.

Titanium Backup is one of the top recommended application and is a must have for all the people out there. It is one of the oldest app that runs on the rooted device and still tops the charts.

It is here to stay forever due to its ease of usage and simple interface.


Listed above are some of the best root app for the android devices.

These applications works when the device is rooted and thus unlocks some of the hidden features.

The hidden feature and benefits present in the android devices that are not known to the users are unlocked once the device is rooted.

Unleash the hidden benefits of android devices and experience the smartphone at its best.

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