Cider APK – The best ios emulator for Android

Description about Cider APK App

If you love to go through regular updates about the latest technology and techniques, then you must have heard about Cider app already. This is not an ordinary app for anyone to use. This is an emulator that can run apple apps for android. Even though this sounds much of a paid app, but this is not and you can download this free of cost as well.

This is not an ordinary app for anyone to use. This is an emulator that can run apple apps for android. Even though this sounds much of a paid app, but this is not and you can download this free of cost as well.

Reviews have revealed that, this app still lacks in few parts and there are areas where it can improve seriously. The most important limitation is that, you will have to find an android device that will be compatible with this app.

Otherwise you cannot use this app for your benefit. You cannot use any sensor, your camera or GPS while you are using Cider APK ios emulator for android.

Also there has been a rumor about the security issues of this app. It will be better if you have an antivirus installed in your device, in case you need to install this app. No need to panic really, its just a precaution to save your data.

What can we do with Cider app?

If you want to know the use of Cider app it is really easy to say that it can be used as an android emulator for ios that can help you run the iOs apps using your android devices. But to be frank, this is not enough to understand what you can actually do with this app.

Professional use: even if you are a professional app developer, you may not have an iOs device to test your app. It is rather easier to have an android device and with this app you can test your iOs app on your android device.

App review: app review is a popular work now a days and lots of app developers are looking for people who can write app reviews on cross platforms. But to write a review for cross platform apps, you might need every kind of device. But with this app, you can now have just an android device and you can easily put the review for both the platforms.

Entertainment: when it comes to the entertainment like playing games on Smartphones, it is necessary to have access to multiple platforms so that you can play any game irrespective of the platform. With this app, this is pretty much possible on an android device.

Cider APK – The best ios emulator for Android

best ios emulator for android - cider apk

For the gamers and the freelance developers, it is obvious to find an emulator that can run the iOs apps on android devices. This is will make life easy for them. For the developers they will get the chance to test their iOs apps on an android device without bothering about buying a new device which is really costly and for the gamers it will be an opportunity for them to play every single game that had been made exclusive for the iOs platform only.

Cider is just the second emulator that exists in the online platform to help you emulate an iOs device on the android smartphone. The other one also is nice but comes with some constraint. If you want to know about Cider APK, the reviews shall speak for the app itself. The reviews are really great. Its free, its capable of running any kind of app available for the iOs platform, runs on any android device that is compatible with the app version. What else you can ask for?

This is the best ios emulator for android that you can get. With all the functionalities of an iOs device at your disposal you are supposed to be really happy if you are a developer and you can you are not but love to play games, then this will be even more interesting for you, as most of the intriguing games hit the iOs platform first. So, from now on you can be one of those to use the app and will get the chance to enjoy any app you want.

Features of Cider APK

  • The Cider app is free for use. You can use it on any of the android devices you have.
  • Using cider android apk, you can try out any iOs app you want
  • The graphical experience for this very iOs emulator is just more than the standard.
  • Developers have tested the app before they have let it out in the open, so you can trust the app.
  • You can utilize every feature of an iOs device on your smartphone but you cannot use certain features.
  • Any app that is exclusive to iOs app, can be run on this emulator.
  • According to the user reviews this is the best iOs emulator for any android device.

Free download Cider APK

Well, one of the options for Cider APK Download is to go in the app store and find the proper emulator and download it. But unfortunately, this app is not any more available in the app store so you will have to search the app on the websites.

You can find plenty of websites that will offer you the apk file for free of cost. You might have to go through a series of procedure to get to the file, but if you know how to get going, then this is the way you need to follow. Once you are done with the free download, make sure to keep this file separately in a folder, so that you do not have to go for any sort of hassle when you decide to use the app for the next time.

Just a caution while you go for the Cider APK free download! Many sites will tell you that to download the app you need to pay a certain amount of money, but this app is available for free to use, so do not pay a single penny for this and get the apk from a legitimate website. If you do not want to go through all those, then just click the below link you will get the chance to get the apk file for your use.

  • File Name: Cider
  • Size: 4.3 MB
  • Version: 1.0
  • Support Android: 2.2 and up
  • Price: free of cost

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How to install and use Cider APK

To use the Cider app, you will need to install it first. The procedure is given below:

Step 1: if you have downloaded the file from a third party source, you will need a better knowledge about your smartphone. You will need to enable a security option on your smartphone to enable the third-party installation.

How to install cider apk app to android phone

Step 2: once the download is complete, use a memory card to get the apk in your device. Now just run that file to install the app.

Step 3: once the installation is complete, you can start using the app straight away.

Now after the installation, you will need to know how to use the app:

Using this app is really easy. All you need to do is, shut down every other app you have running and then you can start this app. This will make sure that you can run ios apps on android smoothly and also the apps will get the RAM properly.

Video tutorial

If you are not confident enough to go through all these steps by yourself, then you can always checkout video tutorial here. This will let you know how to install and how to use the app on your android device. With the help of this video, you will get the chance to use this emulator a lot easily.

Benefits and advantages of using Cider APK

There are plenty of advantages of having this very iOs emulator:

  1. This is free of cost
  2. Easy to use
  3. The interface is really easy to handle for anyone
  4. Comes with proper graphical experience for the iOs device
  5. Can be run on android device
  6. The most important benefit is that, it does not require any kind of high end device at all.


a. Can Cider APK work on Android Tablet?

Yes Cider app can be used on your android tablet but on the tablet, you can only enjoy the look and feel of the iPad not an iPhone.

b. Can I use the Cider on my Smartphone?

Yes you can use Cider app on your Smartphone, but you need to have an android Smartphone and also you need to check whether your Smartphone supports the apk or not.

c. Do I need to pay?

No the app comes for free.

Credit for the App developers

Cider App has been developed by the students of Columbia University. This is a compatibility layer really that can actually bypass the android kernel to give you an iOs platform experience.

According to the developers they have used different types of compatibility techniques but most of them are binary methods. These techniques actually help the iOs apps to interact with the android kernel and hardware.

Because of the fact that, this app is still in its building process, you need to cope up with some of the limitations. For now you cannot run any iOs app that requires the hardware support of GPS, camera or Bluetooth. For now these features won’t be working on your emulated version.

Minimum requirements to use Cider APK

  • Android version: 2.2 and higher than that
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum
  • Disk space: 100 MB for the apk file
  • Disk space for game and emulation: 2-4 GB should be enough.
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