Enjoy the benefits of the cool google voice search app for android

Google is the center of knowledge for you as it is a portal which gives any information that you want. Google voice search is an advanced feature of Google where you just have to speak on your smartphone about the thing to be searched and it will appear on your screen. This Google feature was initially named as Voice Action that permitted to give commands by speaking to an Android phone. In August 2014, a new and a very interesting feature came into existence that permitted everyone to choose upto five languages and this particular application will understand the language that was spoken by you.

Use of Google Voice Search

Everyone nowadays is very well known and familiar with internet usage as every small bit of information is searched on the internet to make people’s task easy and smooth and to also save their time and energy from their busy schedule. The Google Search app makes your task easier as now you do not have to type on the Google icon bar. It makes your effort a little less.

This google voice search app for android will take you to a page named Google search page where you can search about anything that you want to search. The most interesting feature about this Google search application is that it can recognize your voice and immediately give you the desired result. The Google search app can identify variations and different languages that are spoken by the user and accordingly it generates a result and gives you your desired output.

Voice Actions

Other than allowing you to make spoken web searches, it also permits you or rather provide you with a special allowance that you can make also make a verbal request about your functions. In case you want to search or find out detailed information about voice actions, instructional videos are made available from the Help section of the Google voice search. Some examples of such actions that you can easily and effortlessly perform are – send texts, make calls, send emails, create notes and so on. Google voice search app for Android makes things very much handy and eases your job to some extent. You can search anything or carry out certain functions without touching your phone at all.

Google account and privacy

Firstly, you need to choose the Google account you want to use as that is to be done first. After that, you can view your searches on your phone’s screen and then you can freely delete your past searches and other viewed activities that have been saved on your Google account as you search for a number of different things on Google. You can also freely filter your explicit content from your own search results. To improve the experience you can have your feed turned on in the Google app where you can choose to send any information as per your desire. Google provides you with a variety of information and Google voice search app for android makes your job easier, reliable and effortless.

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