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What is Freedom APK?

Today, almost everyone has an Android phone because of its abundant availability and low costs. With the increase in the number of Android phones, the gaming apps available for the android zones are also increasing. Though the initial stages of many games are free but the later stages require coins or money to buy them from the Google Play Store, the store of apps in an android phone.

Not only gaming apps but there are many other apps that require the user to purchase the app by making a payment. Often, it is not affordable by all to pay for the levels of the games or the apps. Many also face the problem of an international credit card that is not available to all. The solution to these problems is Freedom APK. It is an application, not available on Google play store, which helps the user to purchase the gaming levels or other payable apps for free.

What can Freedom APK do?

Freedom APK is basically an app that helps to purchase gaming apps and other payable apps for free. Freedom APK is basically a hacking mechanism or tool that helps to bypass the credit checking system of Google Playstore using a fake credit card.  This fake credit card is used to pay for the premium features of the required app. The fake credit card has no credit balance but the Freedom APK is able to convince the Google Play Store that actual money was paid for the premium featured app. Though the app is illegal, and not available in Google Play Store, it is easily available for free download and is being used by thousands of users today.

Features of the Freedom APK

Freedom APK has become one of the most interesting and wanted apps presently. The basic features of this app in the latest version that has made it a hit among users can be listed as:

  • Freedom APK is a completely free downloadable app now also available for marshmallow and lollipop and Nougat versions of the android.
  • It helps to buy premium features inside any game or app for free.
  • Free in-game upgrades are available for free which otherwise requires premium charges.
  • Extra features like coins, tools, etc. in a game or app are easily available, without charges.
  • The app and games can be used with its full features.
  • It can make users a formidable competitor in the online games.
  • It works with most of the apps easily.

How to Install Freedom APK

The latest version of the Freedom APK is 8.1 launched on 23rd February, 2017 that can be installed using the following steps:

  1. The first thing that the user has to do is to root his android phone.
  2. As the second step, the user needs to download the Freedom APK installation file, namely freedom.apk from any available site through the internet.
  3. The third step involves that the user needs to change the security settings to ‘allow’ state of download from unknown sources in the Settings option on his phone or tablet.
  4. The installation file is to be located in the File manager on the phone by the user is the fourth step.
  5. The final step is to click install. There would a warning dialog box shown, OK should be clicked and the app would be installed.

Using Freedom APK to unlock premium apps

The Freedom APK once installed can be used to unlock and use premium features of any gaming or any other app. This can be done by using the following steps one after the other.

  1. The first step is to open the Freedom APK from the apps folder on the phone.
  2. A dialog box will appear seeking grant for root permissions. Allow is to be clicked to grant the permission.
  3. A window in the app would open listing all the installed apps on the phone.
  4. The app for which in-app purchases are needed to be made should be selected.
  5. When the selected opens, the user needs to go to the store of the app.
  6. And click on the buy.

The in-app purchases are then performed by Freedom APK and all the new premium features are available for the user free.

Benefits of Freedom APK

Freedom APK once installed in the phone would help the user to purchase any in-app features that are the premium in nature, and the best part is it is available for all apps in Google Play, and the app itself is free.

Freedom APK Free Download for Android

Minimum requirements of the app

The minimum requirements for the app to be properly used by the user on his phone are:

  • The most important requirement is that the phone should have an android version above Gingerbread 2.3
  • The android phone should be rooted.
  • 512MB of RAM is required for the app to be installed.
  • 100MB of free internal memory space is required.


  1. Freedom APK can work properly only on an android phone that is well routed.
  2. The Unknown Sources for download of apps should be enabled in the Setting of the phone before trying to install anything by Freedom APK.
  3. Freedom APK supports all android versions in all mobiles like Samsung, HTC, Vivo and etc.
  4. Unlimited number of coins in any game, or premium features of apps can be installed through this app.

Free Download Freedom APK

You can download this awesome app, Freedom APK from below direct link.

  • File Name: Freedom
  • Size: 1.8 MB
  • Version: v1.7.7
  • Support Android: 2.3 and up
  • Price: free of cost

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Many websites indicate that Freedom APK was developed by a Russian group, namely Orphan Safe Communications but since they do not have any official website, it cannot be confirmed. Thus, the developer is considered anonymous by many. No copyrights are sold or purchased for the app, though the app is available at numerous sites for free downloads even in the latest versions. The developer has helped many through this app, though it is not completely a legal app and no site holds any responsibility regarding its usage.

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