Guide on how to find hidden apps on android

Smartphone now a have become the basic necessity of most of the people. Android phones provide you with the best utility in terms of communicating with people, exchanging documents relevant pictures and so on. How to find hidden apps on android phone is a basic question that needs to be answered. If you are having an android device, you will surely know that how user-friendly it is. There are more than 1 million Android applications that you can install on your Smartphone. Hidden apps on Android phones are basically used to keep your Smartphone safe from unauthorized access.

Ideas about how to find hidden apps on android

Antivirus and device locking app:

Antivirus and device locking apps are amongst the most common hidden apps which are present in your Smartphone. These hidden apps protect your phones. Device locking apps are those where you can set a password so that your phone is only accessible to you only. These hidden apps protect your phone against theft, viruses and unauthorized access.

Android Device Manager:

An app named Android Device Manager is made by Google which is used to protect your smartphone. You can easily track your stolen smart phone with the help of this hidden app.

There are some built in apps which cannot be uninstalled if you desire to do it. Some of such apps are visible on the launcher and some are hidden. You cannot remove the secret app without abolishing the administrative privilege.

To find the secret app on the android phone, you need to go to your device Settings, then press Security and then Administrator and then you can view all the hidden apps on your phone’s screen. You can also go to Settings and press the option Apps where you can view all the hidden as well as visible apps on your phone. Unfortunately, most children nowadays want to conceal their phone’s activity from their parents. In order to hide certain apps, add passwords to them and make them available only for the administrator user(s) so that the particular app is available to them only. Children tend to hide certain apps which they access most of the time. Hiding apps on phone is not a very big deal for anyone. You should always be aware of what kind of app you are installing on your phone. Certain apps might cause damage to your phone. To avoid such kind of problem you should follow the below guidelines:

If a particular hidden app is creating some problem in your device, then you should uninstall the hidden app. If you don’t uninstall the app so that it does not damage your phone’s system. Hidden apps can cause a lot of problem in your phone if you don’t detect the correct hidden app on your phone and immediately uninstall it.




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