How to block popup ads on android?

Advertisements are a headache now. Be it on the PC or on the mobile, you just can’t stay away from the ads. Whenever you are opening some browser or even an app, there will be advertisements and these are forced and you cannot do a thing about this. This is where you need to have apps that can really help you out of this mess. There are quite a lot of apps available to block the ads and amongst them these 5 are the best and very much effective as well.


Adblock plus has been a good app available for android devices for a long time now. Although the app is not present in the google play store anymore, but you can always get the app from their website and other third party websites. This app can not only help you to stay away from ads over the apps, it can also help you block the ads on the browsers as well. And its free to download and use. So, get it today and enjoy!


This is another option that can help you out in the mess of ads. This is a browser actually that itself blocks any sort of advertisements and give you the freedom of ad free life. It also works fine to stop the third party sites from tracking your activity as well.

Adblocker Browser at Google Play Store


This app although quite similar in the working mechanism, is a bit different. It can block the ads from various sites alright but also it gives you a control to choose which websites to show you advertisements and which will not. So, you get to filter what you want to see. Also, with this you can control the tracking facility as well.  You can block those websites tracking your activities or you can allow them at will.

Adblock Browser at Google Play Store


Adguard adblocker for android

Adguard is another app to block your advertisement issues on android devices. It gives you total control over the advertisement and you are going to have an ad free browsing all the day. It can also block those advertisements that come on the mobile games. It can put up a firewall for you; can stop the malwares and phishing as well. In some cases it can increase the browsing speed as well. It has also in built VPN service which you can choose to use if you love the anonymity so much.


 Yes, Ad Detector app also I good enough to block the ads and popups but the way of working is different. It can stop any sort of wasted notifications and spamming ads. This app is good enough for the beginners and for those who have enough experience of browsing internet daily. There is an option in the app that can show you if there is any sort of problem headed to your device.


So, this is it. With any of these ad blocking apps, you can enjoy your advertisement free browsing and gaming. But remember one thing, advertisement are meant for you to see, so, unless you are really annoyed with the ads and don’t want to view them at all, there is no need to use some of these apps on your android device.

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