How to bypass android security lock pattern? (5 Methods)

Android phones come with a great advantage of security locks. This is very helpful for maintaining the privacy of the contents stored on your phone. Activating security will very effectively protect your phone from the prying eyes from trespassers. To enable the security locks, all you have to do is alter a few settings. This can be done in two major ways – through pattern locks and through PIN or personal security numbers. However, if you forget the password, you may get locked out of your phone. This can get very frustrating and therefore, it is necessary that you know the few tips and traps to bypass the security. In fact, there are some very effective methods that can help you break into the android phone passwords. Read on to know more.

  1. Use android device manager

    Android Device Manager

You can either have the app installed into another phone or use it directly from a PC. Follow the given sequence while conducting a search – manager. This website allows you to entirely monitor the phone even when it is not in your possession and is compatible with all android phones that have been released till date. However, it only works as long as your account is synchronized with your google account.

  1. Use your google account

You can log in to your google account and change your password from another device. For this, you will be required to give in all your account details. As long as you enter the correct details, you will be given complete control of managing your account. If you own multiple accounts, just make sure that you choose the right account linked to your phone. If you no longer remember the password to your google account, you can have it recovered by using the option for How to Recover a Gmail Password.

  1. Altering your lock pattern

Android phone lock pattern

When you enter an incorrect pattern, android phones allow you to make 4 more trials. Try to remember your pattern or anything that is close. On the fifth attempt, your phone will get temporarily get locked. You can then hit the ‘forgot your password?’ option. This will open up a page where you will be required to enter your backup pin. If you know your personal identification number, you are good to go. If you do not remember it, you can still unlock your phone using your google account.

  1. Disable the lock screen using Android SDK

This method will work as long as you have enabled USB debugging in the Android Developer’s menu. You will also need to have connected your Android device to your computer using the ADB. If you have done all of these, plug in your phone to the PC and access the ‘tools’ folder. You may use the windows explorer to open the SDK installation directory and access the ‘tools’ folder.

  1. Factory resetting

Factory resetting wipes away all the data that is initially stored on your phone. You can then set an entirely new password for your phone. The factory resetting also safeguards your data in case your phone gets stolen.

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