How to get the Emojis for Android?

Before you get to know about the emojis and how you can get them it is important to understand them. First of

First of all emojis are sort of sign languages. The only difference is that you are not making any movements of your limbs, but you are sending an image that will represent that state of your mental emotion.

This is the basic thing of emojis. They will just represent your emotional thoughts via an image. You can send emojis for android over chat, emails, text messages and on any platform that will allow you to use the emojis.

So how do they work?

Normally all the text apps, and the message apps, will have a set of emojis that will be pre-installed in the app. All you need to do is while texting or chatting, use the proper option to get the list of the emojis for android and use them as and when required.

Maximum of these apps will support some of the symbolic emojis as well, like if you use “:D” this will become a smiley emoji, for “:(” it will be a sad emoji, like this.

In some of these apps, there are no predefined emojis available you will need to install them as and when required.

How to get them?

Normally these apps are linked to some server which will give you the option to download any set of emojis for android you want. Once downloaded you can install them and use them whenever you feel like. But in some

Once downloaded you can install them and use them whenever you feel like. But in some cases you might not get what you are looking for.

In that case, what you need to do is, get an app that will download emojis on your device. These apps work the same way but the difference is you will need to download them from the app store or from a third party website.

Safety and security

While downloading any APK file from the third party website, it will be your duty to check that website thoroughly. You will need to be sure that downloading the emojis won’t harm your mobile phone.

For this you can check the reviews and be sure. Once you are sure enough, you can download third part apps and use the emojis they will provide.

But just remember not to provide any kind of login pass word or user credentials that will harm you badly.


Even though emojis are available on the internet, but there is a glitch. The problem is that with the android version increasingly updating, you might not be able to use all the emojis for android available on the internet.

So, while downloading any emoji, make sure to check the version of the android that you have and the version required for the emoji to run. Also, check the app version as well, as many apps might not support all the emojis for android that you will download. So, that will be all that you will need to know before you get the emojis.

It will seem that finding emojis are easy but actually using them might be a bit tricky. The best strategy will be to use whatever the individual apps are allowing you to install or use. This way your mobile will be safe and secure too.

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