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If you go through both iOs app store and Android play store, you will see that, there are more lots of games which are only available for iOs platform. Since you cannot afford an apple device that easily, you need to find a way out to make sure those games on your android device also.

Ways in which you can play

Well, if you search online, there is not much of a way to find really. The only way you can run the iOs games on your android device is the emulators. Emulators are nothing but apps which can provide you with an environment that will support the iOs games. That is all an emulator do and the rest you can just sit back and enjoy.

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Getting the emulator

In general, there are 2 ways available for you to get an emulator. The first method is pretty easier and you do no need to work hard for that. You can search for iOs emulators on play store choose the one that is used the most by the gamers and the other users. And then you need to install the app to play the games.

The second method will require some knowledge about the phone. You can download the emulator from a third party source, but to install the app you will need to first connect your device to your PC and then transfer the apk file to your mobile device.

Once done, you will need to go to the developers’ option to enable any kind of third party installation. Once you are done with the authentication of the installation, now you can install the app. After the installation is done, you can start the app and enjoy your time.

How to plat ios games on android

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How to play the games on the emulator

Once you start the app, you will get the iOs environment and with that you will get all the option that an Apple device has. You will get the app store and from that you can search and install any app you want that will only run via that emulator. Now, once you download and install the game you like, you can run that only through the emulator.

Another thing you can do is, get the app file from a third party source and install it using the emulator, but for that you need to know the compatibility of the emulator, the type of file it will support etc. before you can use any third party source.


So using the emulators you can now enjoy the games which are exclusively available for the iOs platforms only, but the problem is that to run the emulators on your device and the game simultaneously, you will need to have enough RAM in your device. Without the proper amount of RAM you cannot execute this method successfully which may also result in crashing of the game and the mobile device as well. So research well about the RAM and the other features before you get the emulator and once you are sure about using it, you can go ahead and enjoy the iOs games on your android device easily.

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