How to use apple apps on android phones with ios emulators?

Running cross platform apps is an art and when it comes to running the iOs apps on Android, you need some sort of expertise. But with the time and advancement of technology, running iOs apps on the android devices is not a problem anymore. All you need to do is to get a suitable app that can imitate various operating systems environment and you are done. These apps are known to be as the emulator and if you search you can find quite a lot of emulators available online which can run iOs apps on your Android devices.

Features of an emulator

  • You can now experience the Apple device although you have an Android device.
  • With this app, you can download and then install any app which is supported by iOs.
  • You can trust these emulators to run any sort of app on your device without any glitch at all.
  • You can enjoy all the features that an Apple device has on the android device.
  • It can provide support for any type of game pad.
  • The downloading procedure and the installation procedure are really easy and quick.

The iOs emulator will ensure that you can run any of your favorite iOs apps on your android device and you won’t have to pay for that. For those who use an android device, this is an important revolution. Dream of using high end iOs app on the android devices has finally come true and with these emulators anyone can enjoy any game available on iOs too.

Best iOs emulator to use with Android

There are many ios emulators developed for android. But we recommend Cider Apk and iemu Apk as best ios emulator for android to use apple apps. You can download these ios emulator free at androidmood.

Steps to follow to use the emulator

  1. First you will need to visit the playstore and find the emulator you want and then download it. Now install the app.
  2. If you are downloading the app from a third party source, then you will need transfer the downloaded apk file to your device and then install it.
  3. Normally the sizes of these apps are not large, maximum 100 MB but there can be exceptions as well.
  4. Make sure you follow the installation and remember the name in which the application is installed.
  5. Now run the app that you installed and you can start using the iOs apps on the android device you have.
  6. If you want to download apps from third party app store, make sure you check the file compatibility of the emulator and then download files accordingly.


Before you get the emulator for your android device, you need to remember that there is a minimum requirement for the emulators. You need to make sure that your android device will match the features that are required to run the app. Working with the emulator app is not a problem. Getting it installed and using it very easy and you can also do it, but make sure you take good care of your android device because you are running an OS virtually on your device so it will put a lot of work on your RAM and processor, so remember not to put too much pressure at once and also make sure you have enough RAM to sustain the work load as well, otherwise your android device might crash very often.

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