How to Use Old Phone as Security Camera

Phones that are not in use can be turned into a security camera to keep a watch at homes and to maintain the utmost security. These cameras can be logged in from any place and the steps are quite simple. For the old phone to work as a security camera, the rear camera of the phone should work properly. The steps that should be followed are listed as under:

Set up a security camera application in the old phone

To start with, the step, firstly you must set up a security camera application in your old phone. Some of these apps are free but in some, you have to make a payment to get the app. Cloud streaming, location detection, recording footage, etc. are some of the features, which are provided in nearly every application. IP Webcam is the best security camera that can be installed.

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Downloading security camera for Android and IOS

Download IP Webcam from the store and set in the video streaming method. Sound system, motion, etc. should be checked properly before starting on with the streaming. In order to view the stream, the IP web addresses should be provided with accuracy. IP address should be put in the address bar of the Web Browser.

Choosing a spot for the camera

After the streaming is over, you need to position your camera in such a position that it is clearly visible in the house. For positioning of the camera, the setup of the camera should be done properly. The positioning of the camera should be according to the preference of the people. They might want to place it at the backyard or inside of home or simply n the garden. The camera should be placed in such a position, which is most vulnerable so that you can keep an eye on that part of your home.

Mounting and powering of your new security camera


angle lens to use old phone as security camera

For positioning of the camera, the small tripod in the smartphone can help a lot to position the camera in not so famous part of your house so that others do not come to know of the camera. If you need wider view of the camera, then you can buy angle lenses to help you see from every angle. For streaming of video, the old phone should be kept on for the entire time. The phone should be placed in such a part of the house, which is close to a power source so that when the battery runs out, you can instantly place in on charge.

An old phone can be converted into a security camera in these ways. If your phone has a case, do remove it because of continuous use, the phone might get heated and it might burst in certain cases. There is simply no need to purchase any kind of mount for the phone as the phone can be kept on top of a mug to get better view of the place, which you are covering.

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