Learn More about Android Device Manager – the Remote System Administrator for Android

There are so many reasons why you might need to control your phone remotely or get an easier overview, in such circumstances; Android Device Manager is a system administrator for Android that easily takes care of all your needs. Your phone is a rather small handheld device that stores large amounts of data. Often managing this data can be complicated when attempted over the phone itself. In such circumstances, it’s so much easier to get on a computer or laptop and get free access to your phone, and this is where Android Device Manager comes in. Android device manager allows you to be a remote device administrator for android with an easier overview of all the data on your phone. Read further to know more.

Android Device Manager for Security

The greatest benefit of using Android Device as a device administrator for android is to have a firm grasp on your device at all times. This is important for so many reasons as our phone holds the key to our lives and everything that it entails. The phone is a very private personal belonging that is replete with sensitive data and managing this data is so much easier with a system administrator for Android and Android Device manager is the best there is. Android Device Manager has so much to offer Android users in terms of device safety and security. Some of the main security offerings from Google Android are mentioned below.

  • In the case of loss and theft of your phone, you can act as the system administrator for Android remotely to gain control of your device.
  • Provided your device is switched on and connected to the internet, you can employ a range of functions to control your device.
  • This includes tracking down the exact location of your device.
  • You can also use the device administrator for android functions to make your phone ring, delete data and lock your phone. All of the above are indispensable assets when your phone is lost or stolen.

Remote System Administrator for Android

Android Device Manager for Phone Management

When you have access to your phone as a system administrator through Android Device Manager, you can do so much more in terms of having a convenient overview of your phone. Android Device Manager allows you to keep track of your contacts; archives activity details on your phone, keeps track of your location and gives you direct access to Google drive. This is not limited to just one device; in fact, you can conveniently access all the data on multiple devices using your Google login credentials. Listed below are a few more of the features you can take advantage of when using Android Device Manager.

  • You can choose what activity to keep track of and what want to delete irreversibly.
  • This includes the history of videos you watch on YouTube, apps that are linked to Google and your search history.
  • You can quickly move from one device to the next just by choosing the device you want to access or simply changing the Google credentials if you are using other devices with different usernames and passwords.

Download Android Device Manager

You can download Android Device Manager for free at Google App Store. Please note that the “Android Sevice Manager” now coming as “Find My Device” with many improvements. Please click on below link and download.

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