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What is Lucky Patcher

There is a surplus of Applications (Apps) on the internet nowadays. A single tool, such as a writing tool or a reading tool, or a particular kind of game would have multiple versions of each in different types of Apps. With an increasing number of Apps, cracking them to play with the features of the App has become a common practice amongst Android users.

Lucky Patcher is not a ‘Cracking Tool’ itself, but an effective application that provide the details of all other applications that have been downloaded in your Android system. This means it offers you a list of features within it that will allow manipulations of other Apps, such as erasing licence verification, converting the App to a System App, and removing ads from the App.

How Does Lucky Patcher Work

Lucky Patcher simply changes the App data in the .apk file. The .apk file is the main code which is read by the Android system for running the App, and stores all the details and features of the App, which allow it to function.

Lucky Patcher carried out an internal check for the equivalent hexadecimal values .apk files in the In-App purchases, etc. It can be used to extract the .apk files of the App. However, it is not a stable App and is to be turned to only as a last resort. It can cause data loss and corruption.

Features of Lucky Patcher

  1. Remove Purchasing – This allows for removing in-app purchases, such as coins or gems in an Android game, to move between levels
  2. Remove Ads – You can get rid of the annoying ads which pop up in your phone every time a particular App is triggered
  3. Backup or Restore Data – You can now save you Android files in an external backup such as Cloud storage
  4. Convert App to System App – Lucky Patcher acts like an App locker, so that downloaded Apps cannot be deleted from your Android gadget
  5. Move Apps to SD – It facilitates transfer of Android Apps to SD Cards

How to Install Lucky Patcher APK

To install, download the .apk file of the Lucky Patcher from the above site.

  • Install the file by allowing ‘Unknown Sources’ to make a change in your device settings
  • Open Lucky Patcher and tap on Apps shown inside it
  • Lucky Patcher will show you the App’s Info, Launch App etc. Go to the ‘Open Menu of Patches’
  • Go to ‘Create Modified .APK’

How to Use This App

The only requirement to use Lucky Patcher is to have a rooted device. Once the .apk file is installed, you will be able to see a list of all the Apps installed in your system, along with the list of actions you can take on each of them. A colour code defines the tool’s compatibility with the App:

Green: Registration and disconnection from Google Play is possible

Yellow: There is a patch specific to the App

Blue: Google Ads are present in the App

Purple: This is a Startup App for your System

Orange: This is a system Application

Red: Modification not possible

To Apply a Custom Patch

  1. Go to “Custompatch-applied APK” where you will find the Custom patch description. Apply this Patch.
  2. Lucky patcher will create for you a modified .apk for your App. Do not worry if it takes time, this is a tedious process.
  3. If you are successful, a Green coloured window will pop up. A Red coloured window means you have failed
  4. Go to Rebuild and Install and enter Lucky patcher. Go to ‘Modified’ and enter the App you have just modified
  5. Enter the App and tap on ‘Install’

To Hack In-App Purchases with Lucky Patcher APK

  1. Open the toolbox at the bottom and scroll until you get ‘Patch to Android’.
  2. Tick the patches you require and apply them to your system. Your device will reboot in some time.
  3. Open the App you have modified, and click on ‘Buy’ within the in-app purchase
  4. Lucky Patcher will pop-up a message asking you if you wish to get the item for free
  5. Click on ‘Yes’

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Benefits of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher has features which allow you to modify the .apk files of Apps that are already installed in your system. This allow you many benefits as follows:

  1. Move your apps to new surfaces which were previously incompetent with your App, such as your SD Card
  2. Move your data to safer external devices such as Cloud based servers or your external drives
  3. Add custom made patches to existing Apps in your device to make it suitable for your enjoyment
  4. Remove in-app purchases to have an uninterrupted game

Though it is not a cracking tool, it is of great help to modify the .apk file of your Apps.

Minimum Requirement

To be able to use Lucky Patcher, you need to have a rooted device. With tools such as TowelRoot or KingRoot, you can use Lucky Patcher on your device with ease.


Is it safe?

More than 20 million users have safely used Lucky Patcher without damage to their device. You may, however, get problems such as not getting connected to Play Store, which can be easily fixed.

Are all games & apps supported?

As every game and app are different, it is not possible to support them all.

Custom patch applied but not working?

If the App you have on your device is of a different version that the one for which Lucky Patcher was made, it will not work for your device.

Download Lucky Patcher APK

You can download the latest version of Lucky Patcher from below link.

  • File Name: Lucky Patcher
  • Size: 5.7 MB
  • Version: 6.5.2
  • Support Android: 2.2 and up
  • Price: free of cost

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Credit to Developer

Coming up with an App which has the features which facilitate Cracking by installing within it the custom patches for the Apps which are already in the market is a commendable idea. It is a complicated App, and hours of thought, research and energy has gone into building this App. Also, it is free which makes it even more useful to Users, including college students.


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