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Root booster is an application use for a smoother performance of various apps installed in android devices. Thise can also be quite effective in preventing lags, glitches and prolonging battery life. Although you can find many apps that claim to be effective in optimizing android app performances, Root booster is the most preferred of them all. This app has mostly received positive reviews in Google Play Store and boasts of more than 30,000,000 downloads. This app comes with a number of settings with different modes. You can put your phone in any of these modes as per the demand of the situation. The app is designed to boost the speed of processing, stability and elongate battery life. Listed below are the in-app features and how they improve the efficiency of the app.

  1. Android OS optimizer

It is a common misconception that when you kill an app, it will completely stop working and hence save your battery. However, there are many apps that perform more than one kind of task, even if you kill the particular page, it may still be running in the background, thus draining your battery and also hindering the computing power of the CPU. Root Booster takes care of this by putting your phone into a hibernation mode when you are not using it. This puts all the activities in your phone to a standstill, thus saving a lot of battery and freeing space for computations. The root booster may also selectively pick the batterydraining apps and put them into hibernation while you are using the phone.

  1. Processor Governor Control

The governor control is what decides the speed or the frequency of CPU computations. You can either set them to a minimal or a maximal, depending on the need of the hour. However, setting your device for maximum frequency can quickly drain the battery. Root booster automatically categorizes the apps and gives different speeds to each one of them. This can go a long way in optimizing your battery usage.

  1. Memory manager

All the applications depend on VM heap for managing its data and work. The heap size can greatly affect the stability related to different apps. The size of the VM Heap has to be comparable to the size of the application. Having smaller sizes can cause the apps to crash due to memory error. However, although it is very much manageable manually, it is neither practical nor sensible to gorunning after the heap sizes. This is where Root Booster comes in. This app inspects your RAM and does the needful for getting better performance and higher stability.

Root Booster App to increase your android phone

There are also other features for nonrooted users

–    System cleaner

This deletes all the empty folders, unused apps, and trash, thus freeing up space and boosting computing speed.

–    Hibernation

Same as mentioned above.

–    Cache cleaner

This deletes all the unnecessary files in your storage.

How to use Root Booster App with your Android Phone

Download the app and have it installed in your device. The app will automatically do its job thereafter. However, if you feel like the computation is getting slowed down, hit on the “clean” button and the app will optimize the device to its full capacity. You will also be shown the percentage by which your device has been optimized.

Download Root Booster 2.8.6 App

Visit the given link to have many information and download this app. Hurry up and get your installation while the offer lasts.

  • File Name: Root Booster
  • Size:1.68MB
  • Version: 2.8.6
  • Support Android: 3.0 and up
  • Price: free of cost

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