The Advantages of Having a Group texting app for android

Texting is one of the most popular means of communication in the modern age. Today we use texting more than we use our voice to communicate; words get written more than they get spoken. It’s safe to say that texting is a means of communications used in both serious and frivolous circumstances. We use text messaging to say a simple “Hello” to friends and family and use the same medium to send out intimations for an important meeting at the office.

It’s also fairly accurate to say that texting has replaced the traditional voice calls in terms of communications technology. People even text each other to find out a good time to call and speak on the phone, and it is considered great phone etiquette instead of calling without prior notice. While we use texting to communicate one on one, it has also become a popular medium for texting the same message to large groups of people or creating a community of people with something in similar who communicate with each other through a privately created group texting forum.

This can be best defined as a virtual meeting of people made popular and possible by group texting apps for android and apple phones. Since android phones are more popular and widespread, let’s just concentrate on group texting apps for Android.

Why do You Need a Group texting app for android?

The answers to the question above are actually quite simple, but let us break it down for you anyway. Everybody has a circle of friends and also belongs to a group of people they have something in common with, and we do feel the need to stay in touch with them or relay messages of importance to them. This could pertain to your friends from college, colleagues at the office, members of the book club you are a part of or even people you know from the gym. For communicating with groups such as these, installing a group texting app for android on your phone is the smartest way to go, and there are plenty of reasons why. Read further to know more.

Why Replace Phone Calls or SMS with Android Group Texting Apps?

There are so many ways that one can benefit from replacing phone calls and SMS with an Android texting app with group texting facilities. Some of the major reasons are listed below in bullet points.

  • The primary benefit of having a group texting app to communicate with friends, family, employees or colleagues is the savings you are bound to make on your phone bills. Using the internet to group text instead of making multiple phone calls and sending out many SMS is so much more cost efficient.
  • Being able to forward the same message to multiple people is so much easier with group texting apps.
  • The information you decide to pass on to a group with a texting app is not limited to the written word. One can utilize group texting apps to send out images, videos and sound clips to multiple people at one go.

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