Useful Life Tracker Apps for Day to Day Life

Tracking thing that you do on a daily basis can be a complicated task, especially when you are trying to track various habits at a time.

The best thing about this new technology in Smartphone is that it allows you to use it for your life tracking.

It allows you to maintain in a journal with images of the data you listed down.

You can find several apps that are suitable for your device, which can help you track from a simple listing to tradition-building social networks, and also personal data hubs.

If you haven’t used any of these applications, you can still learn how to use and how easy and accomplishing to use an enthusiastic app for keeping track of financial expenses and time, managing invoices, logging receipts, and obtaining payment notifications, or getting to know how badly you are depending on your Smartphone and finally using it for the right cause.

Here you can find some of the life track apps that can help you choose the best app suitable for your device.


productive app

Productive is one of the best life track apps and for iOS users, it may look similar to Balanced.

Productive is developed by the same developer, but this app offers way more than the Balanced App.

In this app, you can find calendar view and it will help you appraise your progress, and allows you to include notes in your daily routine, and adds reminder setting for every routine.

The unique features of the Productive App compile the habits of the day, like in the morning time you will only see the habits that you to do first, and in the afternoon or in the evening habits list you can see any time of the day. app app is one of the unique life track apps that improved a lot from its initial release.

Initially, it focused only on the constructing a chain by finishing your new routine every day.

But, now in the newer version, the developer made some updates and added more suppleness, and provided more options for finishing habits, and instead of finishing it every day, you can finish it a few times in a week.

You can also choose when the app should send you routine reminders.

The is not only easy-to-use, but also give you quick info, and provides simple stats on your improvement, including the time that you took to complete a routine, and the total number,  your current strip of culmination and a calendar view of your habit and activity.

This app also has a powerful social focus and comes with features like Comments, “Props,” and step-by-step training plans.

It is also considered as a cross-platform app that you can have access from an Android Phone, iPhone, or on the web.


momentum app iconMomentum one of the few life trackers available for desktop and also for mobile and this tracker use iCloud to correspond your data between the Mac and iOS versions, so you can generate, edit, and verify habits on any digital device.

You can also find the Momentum app in Apple Watch edition that makes it simple to verify your habits and see what else you have to finish for the day, and a gadget for the Notification Center of your iPhone, which means you don’t need to open the app all the time.

Harvest Time and Expense Tracker:

Harvest Time and Expense Tracker

Harvest is one of the best life tracker apps that allows you track time easily, manage invoices, and log expenses on-the-go.

The app is loaded with unique features, including Timesheets and Time Tracking.

You just need to tap the task timer to start the project from anywhere.

It supports the manual entry of non-billable and billable hours and allows you to edit and view previous/current time entries.

It provides timely reminders to timesheet approval and allows you to track time offline or online.

The Harvest Time and Expense Tracker allow you to enter and log expenses easily and quickly, you just need to take pictures of the receipt and upload into the Harvest.

You can track mileage using the app for more compensation, and submit operating expense for client projects.

Habit List:

Habit List App

Habit List is one of the best life trackers available only for iPhone.

It offers the solid and simple habit-tracking experience.

Habit List has similar features like Lift it includes stats on your close rates and offers a calendar view.

The app allows you to select flexible schedules to finish your habits, like “only on weekends” or “Four days per week”.

If you like to focus on streaks then the Habit List is the app that you should try.

Strides App:

strides app

Strides app comes with unique features and it focuses better than any other apps.

The Strides allow you to track certain goals and also recurring habits. With this app, you can track goals such as “Save 2,000 dollars by 1st November” or “Lose 15 pounds by April 20th”.

Along with normal habits like reading or running on a daily basis, the app also focuses on a streak of checking in the routine, and color codes your development in red or green so that you will know you are on track or not.

The Stride App allows you to track the development of a big project and uses numerous smaller steps, like planning an event.

This tracker helps you keep an eye on each step and helps you understand how is it going, and at what pace is your project is developing.

It is one of the profound apps available for habit-tracking.

Habitica App:

habitica app

Habitica app, earlier it was known as HabitRPG.

The app offers unique features and provides a unique approach to structuring habits.

The Habitica app is used in role-playing games and tries to gamify the method of constructing new habits and holding to them.

Just like a game, for completing each habit, you will earn rewards like experience and gold points.

These rewards allow you to go higher level and release new features.

Habitica is the only life tracker app that offers an API.

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