What is the best terminal emulator for Android?

“With the help of the terminal emulator, you can get access to the command core of the Linux used on the Android.”

Terminal Emulator is the application that helps you to run the Linux command line on your Android device. It is the application that will assist in unleashing the programming geek out of you, and you can make new application on your Android device.

We know that the Android is based on the Linux. It is the different Linux command lines that help in the working of the various apps of the android. Hence if you want to develop the new application on your Android device but not on the Windows or Linux device, you can use the Android Terminal Emulator. For any application running on the Android, the Android Terminal Emulator acts as its core where the Linux code is written.

Features of Android Terminal Emulator:

In this article, we will be stating some of the features of the best Android terminals that are available for the Linux and Android geeks online. One can take a look at the points indicated below for understanding these features:

features of terminal emulator for android

  1. It is a command line interface for the Android that acts as the Linux command executors on the Android device.
  2. They are not only easy to access but also provide the exact location of the project when it needed to be opened.
  3. With the help of the Android Terminal Emulator, you can quickly open the particular folder or the file of your project with the support of the Linux command. You don’t need o dig up into the different project folders to go to the individual file or folder.
  4. It acts as an ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and run number of command on it.

Some of the best Android Terminal Emulator

Now we will be stating some of the applications that can be downloaded by the developers to use the command line on their Android device. Note that if you are not a developer, then Android Terminal Emulator may be of no use for you. To use this application, you must need to know the core of the command lines and their working. Some of the best Android Terminal Emulator has been stated as follow:

  1. Terminator is one of the most popular terminal emulators that is programmed in Java. It is capable of providing multiple terminals to work on, in a single window. It has some of the amazing features that help it to be a portable application and with many customizable options for the different text, scrolling options and tabbing.
  2. Shell Commander is one such application that is easy to use and come with an inbuilt file manager. Available for free on the android market, this application is the source of unleashing the weird programmer who loves to program applications support like ‘sudo’.
  3. Terminal Emulator for Android is an application that is accessible from both rooted and non-rooted phone. It let the user dig into the internal Linux command line of the android device and its emulating style is similar to VT-100 terminal of Digital Equipment Corporation.
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