WIFI WPS WPA TESTER – Free Android app at play store

Having a WiFi protected setup can be very convenient in allowing wireless access to the users, but do you know that this can leave your internet connection vulnerable at the WPA protocol? Unprotected routers may lead to loopholes that hackers can easily exploit to gain access to your connection. This will not only reduce your streaming speed, but also jeopardize your entire connection.

It is the basic ground rule to have a password consisting of at least 8 characters so that you can allow access to your connection to only a selected few users via the wifi router. This is much safer as compared to using the full wireless password. However, for more security, one is advised to keep a security pin consisting of at least 14 characters comprising of alphabets, numbers as well as symbols. This is known as PSK or the Pre-Shared Key. Using a PSK ensures that you’re connected has the required security through wifi protected access.

The PSK can be saved into your laptops and handheld devices, but when you disconnect and connect later, you will again be required to enter the full password. This may be a little cumbersome, but will provide maximum security. It will also safeguard your data against the devices that have previously stored your password. When you change the password, they will no longer be able to connect themselves.

The wifi WPS WPA Tester is an app that is targeted at analyzing your password strength and inspecting the loopholes. It is a must have for everyone who uses a wireless router for internet access. The app lets you know whether your access point is secure enough or vulnerable at the WPA Protocol. It also keeps remote attackers from resorting to PIN guessing to hack the connection. It is a must to have this app if you want to avert all these issues.

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER - Free Android app at play store


  • The wifi WPS WPA Tester allows you to test your connection to the Access Point by using the WPA PIN.
  • The app works by inspecting the algorithms of various different algorithms, including Zhao, Trend Net, Dlink, and Arris.
  • The app is compatible with all devices using android 14 and above
  • Out of five, the cumulative rating received by the app on the Google Play Store is 4.2. Given that the most popular and trending apps on Google Play Store have ratings of 4 on an average, the 4.2 rating is a pretty good indication of the efficiency of the app.
  • The app has already received around 30 million downloads
  • The app gets listed under the tools category in the Google Play Store
  • It comes absolutely free of cost and is very quick and easy to install
  • The app can be used through any file manager of your preference once you have it installed on your SD card


Download the app and have it installed on your phone. This process only takes a couple of seconds. You are then required to do the following

  1. Enter the information about your Wi-Fi network access
  2. Change your connectivity
  3. Open the network sockets
  4. Check the access information
  5. Secure the external storage
  6. Complete the above processes before the timeout period.

After completing the above steps, your app is good to go. However, if you are using android versions below the lollipop, the app will require root permission.


Visit the below link to gain access to this app on Google Play Store.

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