Xmodgames APK Latest Version Free Download for Android

The bigs fans of Clash Of Clans have been pondering over the idea of playing this amazing game. They must be wondering how to shell out so many bucks to reach the highest level. All those crazy Clash Of Clans fans out there, take a deep breathe and get acquainted with the application Xmodgames apk application.

Xmodgames apk is one application that lets the user install paid games available on google play store all free of cost. The money earned is your hard earned money. The obsession for games like clash of clans, pokemon go etc cannot be given up as well. There comes Xmodgames apk application to the rescue. It saves you from shelling out bucks. It does not let you kill your obsession for these amazing games.

Knowing It Well

Xmodgames apk was introduced to urge the desire of clash of clans. The initial phase of the application was introduced on the Google play store. Later on it was removed from the Google play store.

The introduction of this application led to growing community of 5000 and plus users of the xmodgames apk. It lets the avid players of clash of clans attack other players, sand mode etc.

The Xmodgames apk application was initially launched as an assistant application for the clash of clans players. With the users coming in and experiencing the application, additions in games were made by the Xmodgames apk application developers.

This application is only supported on the devices that are rooted. It does not support unrooted devices and thus some of the apk applications do provide the process of rooting the device. Further the application is available for android devices as well as ios devices. The ios needs to be downloaded to the active version of 9.1.

The application was initially launched for crazy gaming fans having android version as lollipop in their smartphones. The iPhone or the iPad that is being used for the xmodgames apk application are first needed to be treated through jailbreak. The application is pretty convenient to use and removes all the barriers easily. It provides for easy bypassing of the applications.

What We Can Do?

The easy usage of the application and the barriers of applications being broken, it calls for usage of paid applications and games. These call for games which are as followed:

  • Clash of clans
  • Clash of kings
  • Minecraft
  • Pokemon go
  • Clash royale

The usage of these applications helps the gamers in meeting new people who are gamers as well and lets you break their record. It further increases the gaming efficiency and reduces gaming time. The gaming experience provided is of full on HD quality with amazing class and quality.

Xmodgames APK Latest Version Free Download for Android

The Usage Without Burning A Hole

Such applications are widely in use because of their no payment system. These are the applications known for breaking in the paid applications available. In turn they are readily available free of cost.

The major advantage of this application is that it’s available on all major android and ios devices. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that the device needs to be rooted.

The xmodgames apk application was introduced by Fleming.Inc in the stage of introduction of lollipop android operating system. The latest version of this application is 2.3.5 and was last updated in January 2017. It occupies around 9.5 Mb of your storage. This means that the application is quite large in size.

The Pros Of The Application

Everything has its own pros and cons. This application showcases some of the outstanding features. This makes it a perfect fit for the crazy gamers. Mentioned below are some of the amazing features of this application:

  1. It is available on both android and ios devices. Thus, it does not restrict the users.
  2. It allows the users to interact with other gaming users along with the provision of HD quality results.
  3. Users are experience amazing gaming results along with increased gaming efficiency.
  4. It recommends numerous interesting tools to be used by the users.
  5. It allows the users to interact socially with other gamers using various chatrooms and forums.
  6. It is available in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

The Latest Version

Initially the application was provided for users having android lollipop operating system. It then enhanced its capabilities and is now available to all the android users. The latest version that is available in the market is version 2.3.5 updated on January 2017. However, it’s even available for ios users. The only condition is that the device needs to be active with ios 9.1. However, the devices should rooted necessarily

The Installation Process

In order to get started with the installation process of xmodgames apk application the device needs to be rooted initially. After that mentioned below steps are to be followed:

  1. The apk file was initially available on Google play store, which is now removed from there. The file needs to be downloaded from the website.
  2. Once it is downloaded, the user needs to install the file. Make sure that your device is rooted. There are numerous fake versions are available on Google play store. One needs to be cautious of that.
  3. Once the application is installed, open it. There the user needs to click on the option of “mods games”. This will present a list of all the games that can be accessed by the user. The user needs to choose from the given list.
  4. The games are presented with an “installation” option. Click on that and install the game. There are various other options present relating to the game in the mods option.
  5. Once the game is installed, it can be either accessed directly or can be opened from the menu, by choosing the “launch” option.
  6. There it goes, your very own version of such amazing and obsessive games. Play and interact.

The Usage

In order to give the gamers a gaming streak, the application needs to be used wisely:

  1. The device needs to be rooted. The application is to be installed from the website.
  2. Once installed, the mods option is to be chosen and a game is to be chosen from the given list.
  3. The game is to be installed after that, from the given list.
  4. Once the installation is complete, the game can be opened directly or it can accessed from the application. This can be done by choosing the “launch” option.

The Added Advantages And Benefits

The xmodgames apk application provides for various benefits and advantages. It lets the crazy gamers, enjoy the gaming experience. The gaming experience is provided with better quality and better efficiency.

It allows the users to connect with each other socially and makes available various chatrooms and forums.

It further provides for exhaustive features of loot attacks and sandboxes. It even stimulates the attacks. It accelerates the game efficiency and set in your records.

Minimum Requirement

The only requirement to avail the amazing features of this application is that the device should be rooted. It does provide for inbuild rooting system.

Further it supports android and ios both the devices. The only need is the ios, that needs to go through the process of jailbreak. The ios device should be active with 9.1 version of the operating system. The android devices should have minimum android version of lollipop.


This informative article further talks about the question unanswered or the queries to be resolved. The FAQ’s are given below:

  1. In the previous version the problem occurred of disappearing xmods after launching the game. This problem has been additionally resolved in the latest version of the application.
  2. Often the COC mod version crashes while launching the game. This happens because the COC game version is not updated according to the COC mod version. Further, the COC game version needs to be updated on your device.
  3. How to install the mod option. This option can be installed by opening the application and choosing the preferred game. Further, at the bottom of the page, the mod option is to be chosen. This will then install the mod option.
  4. If the xmodgames have abruptly stopped then the data needs to be cleared from the application option present in the settings option. The application needs to be reinstalled after that. In case the error persists, then the details of the device should be passed on to the developer.
  5. It happens that the launch button is not available. In this case it is to be made sure that the game is downloaded. If the download is successfully implemented, then the application needs to be reinstalled from the US store. The US store is present for the ios devices. For android devices it should be downloaded from the US version of the play store.

Download XmodGames APK Free

You can download XmodGames APK direct and free for your android devises from below link.

  • File Name: Xmodgames
  • Size: 10.5 MB
  • Version: 2.3.5
  • Support Android: 5.0 and up
  • Price: free of cost

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The Developer

Xmodgames apk application was introduced by the Flemingo.Inc. It is one of the most amazing innovations for the gamers. The entertainment value is surely increased by the usage of this application. This gives in the users an unbeatable gaming experience. The feature of social interaction between the gamers is surely the best of all. All in all, this one application is a must have. Hail the developers.

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